Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Why Is It Difficult to Create a Psychological Portrait of a Typical Te Coursework

Why Is It Difficult to Create a Psychological Portrait of a Typical Terrorist - Coursework ExampleIn history, terrorist act has unendingly been an effective tactic of the weaker side in a conflict. It is especially true when the conflict is asymmetrical in term of the balance of power. Probably this characteristic of terrorism explains the recent resurgence of terrorism. It is argued that terrorism is one of the results of globalization, as it escalates ethnic conflicts in an attempt to secure ones identity. Hence it will be inclose in some form or other in our lifetime and in the lives of our children. This paper aims at studying the nature, characteristics, and causes of terrorism. What makes a person become a terrorist? Does psychopathology provide any help in understanding and preventing terrorism? It will also identify the vulnerabilities of the terrorist groups. The nature and causes of terrorism are varied and diversified. circumstanceses become terrorists in different wa ys in different roles and for different reasons. Although it throne be helpful to identify the reason for joining, staying with a terrorist organization and departure it no generic formula can be developed. The most common causes of terrorism are perceived injustices and the need for identity and belonging. Nature of terrorism has changed oer the years. If we compare the terrorist groups and terrorists of the 1970s with the terrorists of the early 1990s an emerging new trend can be observed. Religious fundamentalism is growing and these new religious groups use weapons of mass destruction. Earlier it was presumed that terrorists do not use weapons of mass destruction because it will alienate them from the public and they will have to face harsh retaliation. The key revolutionary religious groups are Hizballah, Al Qaida and Aum Shinrikyo. According to Post, the most dangerous terrorists are religious terrorists. Political and social terrorist have a defined mission that can be mea sured in terms of their objective and government reaction, media reaction etc. whereas the religious terrorist can justify the most heinous crime.

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