Saturday, June 1, 2019

Technology Use in the Mathematics Classroom Essay -- Education School

Technology Use in the Mathematics ClassroomTechnology is a ontogenesis field that affects every aspect of our every twenty-four hour period lives.When I look at centuries past, I am amazed at the technological advances this country hasmade. Just during my lifetime, computers, cellphone phones, digital cameras, and many otherdevices have become a huge part of everyday life. Not only is technology affecting everyday life, but it is also making a huge impact on education, especially within themathematic field. Computer programs atomic number 18 being created everyday to aid in theunderstanding of mathematical concepts. Calculators are replacing the penitentiary and papermethod of tabulating answers. The question that remains is, Are the intents of technologyhelping or harming the schoolroom surroundings? I do not have the answer to thisquestion but from reading the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)Technology Principle and viewing the Mathematics connectedness of America website I canoffer personal opinions on this issue.I agree with the Technology Principle when it states, Technology should be usedto enhance the classroom experience but should not be a replacement for basicunderstandings. I believe that basic concepts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.)should be taught by hand first, and then when these concepts are used to solve higherlevelmath problems, a calculator may be used to speed the process along. If we, as asociety, become too mutually beneficial on technological devices to solve math problems, we willbe in trouble when computers crash or electricity. The basic mathematical concepts are so serious for many life activities (paying bills, balancing check books, time management,etc.) and they should be learned without ... .... Each student has a different pathin life. Some will continue their education with college and others will go straight towork, but either way they will need to be familiar with technology programs.I n conclusion, I agree that technology needs to be used in the math classroom, butI strongly believe that it should not take the place of the pen and paper method. The basicconcepts should be taught by hand and then calculators and computer programs should bebrought into the classroom. The challenge as an educator is to balance the use oftechnology and the use of lecture. It is also a challenge to realize that each child isdifferent and they all have different learning patterns, so each child deserves a fair chanceto receive the kind of learning environment they need. I think these are the challengesthat school systems and teachers will have to evaluate.

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