Thursday, June 20, 2019

Should our national energy policy focus on building more nuclear power Essay

Should our national sinew policy focus on building more(prenominal) nuclear power plants - Essay ExampleFor congressman in France, 90% of the electricity that is consumed in that country is from nuclear reactors. It is evident that the future is indeed in nuclear energy thus countries needs to heart this technology since it is proving to be the game-changer in the future world economics (Kozima, et al.).I think the national energy policy should focus on building more nuclear reactors since the energy demands for a nation like USA argon increasing by day and these other forms of energy are proving to be untrustworthy (Krivit, Jay & Thomas). The use of non-renewable fuels has been an issue of contention for so long given the negative impact that the carbon compounds that are produced pose to the environment to the fact that these energy sources exit be depleted soon. Thus, questions raise what next when these energy options are exhausted? Renewable energy options such as hustle are also no-dependable for pear-shaped economies like America (Anthony & Chandler). Wind power will only be available when there is wind mean in the event of absence of wind the energy resource will not be available. This brings in the conviction point that the nuclear energy is an option that will solve global energy issues amicably. Many factors support the idea of the national energy policy building more nuclear reactors some of them have been elaborated as follows (Ferguson & Charles).Nuclear reactors are famous as the only form of energy production that has least environmental impact. Unlike other forms of energy production that emit junks of carbon compounds into the automated teller the gases that are emitted from nuclear reactors are environmentally friendly and do not contain any trace of greenhouse gases (Verfondern). Todays world is set about with the burden of global warming as a result of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere (Anthony & Chandler). If

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