Sunday, June 2, 2019

Understanding the Indian Culture :: Cultural Identity Essays

girl Dad, weve got a treat of time before your flight out of Ft. Lauderdale. Lets take the spinal column roads over to the East Coast -- it will give you a chance to see a part of Florida youve never seen before. Father Sounds okay to me. Im surprised at all the cattle ranches around here thought we Texans were the only ones with this many herds ... of course, these do look pretty scrawny compared to ours Daughter Yes, I know, Dad -- no place like Texas. Father Who owns all these cattle and grazing lands? Some big corporate group I hypothesis? Daughter Well, Im not authoritative about all of it but The Seminole Tribe of Florida is one of the major cattle ranching enterprises. Father You reckon Seminoles as in Indians? Daughter Yes, Dad, Indians. Father (After a few miles of silent observance) Well, I find that hard to believe. All Indians are l lazy. All they do is lay around and do nothing. Daughter Im curious Dad, whered you get that idea? Father Everybody k nows it. Ive been around the Southwest and middle west and Ive seen them lay around and drink. Remember Frank, out in Oklahoma, hes got some pretty ugly stories to tell. Daughter Well, Im sure theres a few bad apples in every bunch -- white or black, Indian or not -- but I dont think you could say they are all that way. Father Maybe. But I dont like my tax dollar vent to support them. Now they have casinos and they dont even pay taxes. Daughter Ive got an idea. Weve got a few extra hours. Lets sack up a couple of stops along the way. Heres the first. Father What -- this bingo joint? Daughter Yes, just for a few minutes. I consider they serve great hamburgers and who knows, it could be our lucky day Father (Emerging a little while later with a big smile) That was pretty good. Ive got a little extra change to head home with too. Sure was a big place. Daughter It was a pretty impressive operation and it provides a lot of employment opportunities for Indians and non-Indians, too.

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