Monday, June 10, 2019

Lower division capstone ip4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lower division capstone ip4 - Essay ExampleRecently, Foxconn Technology company workers went on strike demanding better working conditions. As a supplier to many blue-chip companies, Foxconn failed in the area of employee empowerment. Instead of a strike which is foul to the progress of a company, empowered employees seek negotiations. As the aged(a) manager in such a situation, I would have sought dialogue and non ignored the workers grievances. The other hypothesis in this case would be the alternative dispute resolution theory. This would include the resolution of all issues that come about without a need to seek legal advice or going on strike.The theory of penetration pricing advocates for offering lower prices for given products during their introduction into the market to stimulate away competition. The benefits of applying this method acting lay in the aspect of attracting customers away from the competition. If applied correctly, penetration pricing can be a very succe ssful trade method which could increase a companys sales volume and market share. The high sales volume often realized by this method could translate to lower production costs or a higher inventory turnover or both. The application of this theory therefore comes about as a method for entering the market especially when it is almost crowded by similar products by competitors.In the recent past, smartphone company Apple has introduced lively phones with lower prices to enter the mainstream market. Apple is known for making products that are aimed at the luxurious consumer but had to enter the lower-end market to keep its market share. If I were the senior manager in this case, I would ensure that the lower-end market remains catered for by the penetration pricing model by increasing the quality of the gadgets offered compared to the competition. Another theory in such a case would be the theory of market segmentation. This theory also advocates for the division of markets with the

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