Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Summary - Essay ExampleTool testing and error rates find focus in the initial part of the guidelines. The use of a database approach for the documentation of the mobile forensics procedures assists in removing the documentation of testing methods employed, by acquiring results on the several test cases, modify calculation of tool testing errors. This information enables the presenting of mobile forensic evidence in courts in a reliable and legally acceptable manner (Baggili et al, 2007). The practitioners of data processor forensic quite often need to deal with digital construes as a part of the evidence requirements. Such instances include child pornography or disputes involving proprietary rights. Photographic images found in estimators have a strong likelihood of having originated from digital still cameras (DSC). Computer forensic practitioners should have an understanding of the characteristics of computer images to identify the origins of the DSC images in question. This un derstanding enables a computer forensic practitioner to use the specific attributes of a DSC image to prove replicas, derivates or additional images at bottom a particular group. Some open source software can also be employed successfully to extract images based upon the characteristics of a DSC image (Kohen, 2007). Week 3 The usage of the iPhone mobile from Apple is growing rapidly. This has led to the need for iPhone forensics as a part of the armory of forensic and security practitioners. This lead shows that it is possible to examine the logical back up acquisition of the iPhone 3GS mobile device using the Apple iTunes back up utility to provide forensically all-important(prenominal) data in the form of e-mail messages, text and multimedia messages, calendar events browsing history, GPRS locations, contacts, call history, and voicemail recording. The study explored the possibility of forensic acquisition, examination and analysis of the sustenance of the logical copy in the iPhone 3GS mobile. In the examination process the aim was to find out what significant data was stored in the on the device, location of its shop in the memory, and where the data is located in the back up files. For the acquisition the freely available iTunes back up utility was used in a systematic manner to synchronize data between the iPhone and a paired computer. Testing of this methodology demonstrated that an iPhone mounted on a computer hurry iTunes does not change the substance abuser data portion, which means that data integrity remains intact. When a logical copy is acquired, several hundred backup files containing user data, device settings, application preferences, and status are obtained. All these back up files are encoded into XML, ASCII, or binary formats. Examination of the logical copy from an iPhone reveals that these back up files contain a wealth of data that has the potential for use as evidence in court cases (Baggili & Bader, 2010). Week 4 Amendments mad e to the Federal Rules of polished Procedure effective from December 1, 2006, addresses the issue of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), which also takes into consideration ESI found in small digital devices, like cell phones and military force Digital Assistants and their use as evidenced in court procedures. The standards employed for the admissibility of electronic evidence are found in the Frye

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