Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Collecting and Analyzing Data Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Collecting and Analyzing Data - Assignment ExampleEradicate the cases of anxiety among teenage girls in the City of Everett Public school System.4. Theory The health forward motion program is founded by the cognitive model of anxiety. The framework looks at anxiety from the perspective of vulnerability and describes the appraisal of threat (Clark & Beck, 2011).5. plan activities The health promotion program main activity is to assess the African American girls between 12-18 years in the City of Everett Public School system. The girls atomic number 18 then put in different groups to utilize one specific treatment that will give different results for comparison to determine the best option.6. Resources and constraints The imaginativenesss accessible for the health promotion program include experiential support references got from different studies to help in determining the effective treatment. The community serves as an important resource to help identify acceptable cultural beh aviors that are applicable to the health promotion program. The constraints in the health promotion program include insufficient resources that cannot reassure the program to the end. There is also a challenge from the perspective of the students who do not adhere to the established treatment sessions.The challenge encountered in creating the health promotion program plan included information strategies were not enough to influence the prime behavior because there is competition with the numerous information that the African American girls are exposed to. There is also the difficulty in making sure the information flows in two ways enabling mutual arrest of the African American girls and the professionals. To overcome these challenges I introduced the health promotion program to the African American girls in a debate setting. In this environment, the African American girls came into contact with the health professionals involved. The participants also expressed their

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