Saturday, August 24, 2019

Lens Crafters Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lens Crafters Case Study - Essay Example The value chain focuses on streamlining both the internal and external factors of the organization and improving on their human resource and product creation. Operation management activities are focused on ensuring an organization addresses specific issues affecting the organization by analyzing the effectiveness of each process undertaken by the organization (Tarun, 2012). Customer experience is improved by how effectively an organization handles both its external and internal operations. In creating an efficient operation administration scheme, one major impediment is creating an evenhanded system monitoring every operation. This could be solved by designing priorities in the operation within the association as Leitner & Sihn (2012) argue. An additional test is how effectual the changes in operation would manipulate customer awareness on an organization. This could be solved by enacting customer research approaches that would allow an organization understand the customer trends in terms of demand and opportunities. Lens Crafters value chain is effective in ensuring that the organization retains a significant competitive advantage in the market. The quality of the value chain has ensured Lens Crafters enjoy a comfortable market position in terms of customer satisfaction. The value chain mostly focuses on putting in place the right human resource team and creating customer satisfaction products. The value chain in Lens Crafters has enabled the organization to monitor and improve on its major operations. The most significant performance measurement strategy on the service delivery design would be consumer reaction and perception of the organization. This could be determined by analyzing the sales or consumer feedback on service delivery. Evaluation of sales and consumer feedback are most appropriate in gauging a service delivery design. The selection of sales numbers is based on the fact that sales depict the accurate consumer perception on a

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