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Art and book making Essay

Books are integral part of everyone’s life. There are different kinds of books and each has its own purpose and meaning. Most books are intended for learning while others are for entertainment purposes and for self-expression on the part of the author. Every book is like a treasure box that is full of valuable things. Most of the time, books are used for academic purposes. Without books, it would be really hard for students to learn and for teachers to prepare their lessons. Books serve as a guide and basis for learning. It would be impossible for present generations to learn about histories of different civilization and time and other knowledge without books. Others also find entertainment by reading books such as story and poetry books. Books also expresses the thoughts, emotions and view of the writer. It can also be said that the machines, equipments and technologies that we are experiencing in the present time is because of the existence of books that recorded many discoveries and studies done in the past. Through these studies, we had been able to make life easier and better in meeting the needs of the people and in doing things. Yet, today it can be said that the importance that we give to books are declining also because of the advancement of technology. However, it is undeniable that books still plays an integral part for learning and development not only in terms of technology but in personal growth as well. Due to the great importance and the role that books play in our society, it is also important to pay attention to the book making process. Making a book is not an easy task and requires a lot of work, time and as well as good ideas. It is also important to consider book making as a form of art, a work of art. Aesthetic is also a consideration in order to be able to create a high quality book that is able to serve its purpose whether it is for educational or entertainment purpose. The very cover of the books requires artistic ideas. It is important to make a good impression to the reader. Definitely a reader will choose a book with an attractive cover. It is an important factor for the readers to get interested in the book from the beginning. There is no way a book will be effective if it is not read and readers will think twice before reading a book with a dull cover. For this reason, most story books have a very colorful cover in order to attract readers especially kids who are funned of reading stories and seeing beautiful pictures. According to James A. Cox, editor-in-chief of Midwest Book Review, the cover is the part of the book that will attract distributors, booksellers, costumers, librarians and reviewers to pick up the book, allotting time opening it and casting eye tracks on the interior of the book. Not only colorful and attractive covers are needed in coming up with a high quality book but the message of the cover as well. This is not an easy task and requires good artistic ability. Although aesthetic is an important part, the main text and body of the book is still the main important part that readers are searching. A cover must give a hint on what the book is all about that is why titles are commonly a part of the cover. The title itself requires creativity. A book needs a catchy title for it to gain the interest of the reader. The title can also tell the reader whether the book is worthy to be read and worthy of their time, money and effort. The main body of the book also requires creativity and art. You don’t just write anything you want in making a book. It must be organized and put in a creative manner in order to maximize its effectiveness. Illustrations and others must be included because it is easier to remember and understand. Making an illustration regarding the important things and information that you want to impart is also a hard task that requires creativity and artistic ability. Any information given and emphasize by the writer will be greatly appreciated if the reader will be able to grasp the idea. Making the body of a book does not only require a good writing skills but the writer must also think of better ways on how to improve the body for the readers. For this reason, most scholarly books include tables, graphs and other representations for better understanding. Thus, book writing must also be considered as a form of art that requires creativity and artistic design. Artistic ability is really needed in book making especially in making story or book of poems. Making poem is not as easy as it looks. The purpose is not simply to entertain but as well as for the writer to express himself/herself in a creative manner. Every part of a book requires good artistic ability in order to be effective and to serve its purpose. The cover needs to be attractive for the readers to take time looking at what the book is all about. The body must also be a work of art for the readers to be satisfied with what they have read. Book making is a form of art and art cannot be separated from book making. Without art, it would be impossible to come up with a high quality, effective and informative book. Creativity and artistic design is a great factor to gain and satisfy the readers. To satisfy the readers is not just beneficial on the part of the reader but for the writer as well. By doing so, the writer will gain the trust of the readers and will be able to build a good reputation. Thus, the possibility of having readers of his or her future works increases because of the reputation that he or she was able to build by meeting the expectations of costumers or readers. The greatest challenge in book making is not the information that is to be included in the book but rather how you can come up with a book that can be considered as a work of art from the cover and to the whole text. A book is not just read, it must be appreciated and the only way to do so is to consider book making as an art that must be appreciated for the contents and as well as for the aesthetics and artistry of the book in general. An effective and successful writer is definitely a creative artist. References Cox, J. ,A. (No date). The importance of book covers. Retreived January 10, 2008 from http://www. midwestbookreview. com/bookbiz/advice/coverart. htm Hunter, L. (2002). The importance of making a good impression. 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