Thursday, August 29, 2019

Great Lakes Dangerous Currents Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Great Lakes Dangerous Currents - Research Paper Example These lakes develop substantial water currents which pose a danger to swimmers and other merry makers. Around the beach, strong currents from the lake may spill over causing immediate floods. In addition, storms may develop over the water, thus compromising on the safety of small water vessels like boats. Based on these facts, local authorities concerned with marine habitats have conducted research are analysis on dangers posed by Great Lakes currents. According to Allen (2013), research results on intensity and strength of dangerous currents are used in conducting public education on combat strategies and safety measures to adopt while swimming around the lake’s shores. This essay appraises the breadth and depth of hazard associated with the currents. Appraisal will involve acknowledging available scientific information related to causes and nature of Great Lakes dangerous currents. Nature of Currents Prior to evaluating the nature of Great Lakes currents, it is appropriate t o develop a comprehensive understanding of water currents in general. In this case, water currents refer to massive movement of water at significant velocity either towards or away from the shores. These massive movements result from phenomenal incidences like breaking waves, temperature difference and dynamics in direction and speed of wind. In the context of lakes, speeding wind may cause water to accumulate and move fast towards the shoreline. On reaching a lake’s shoreline, those currents break after hitting the solid sand and moves backwards into the lake. In most cases, what determines the level of danger associated with currents is the speed and direction of water movement. John and Stephen (2011) say that fast currents are more dangerous than slow currents. On the other hand, Allen (2013) agrees that currents moving out into the lake are more lethal compared to those moving towards the shoreline. Causes of Death Great Lakes of Michigan are known to develop dangerous c urrents causes drowning and eventual deaths. Statistics shows that every year, deaths recorded by authorities within the lake increase at a rate of 3%. In the recent past, young males are on the receiving end. Male college students and teenagers are prone to drowning because of their enthusiastic and adventurous nature of swimming. In most cases, those killed by the currents were either pulled away from the shore or they were trying to rescue a drowning friend. According to Michigan State University (2013), trying to rescue a drowning person can be dangerous, especially whenever the rescuer is not wearing floatation equipment. On the other hand, people tend to panic whenever they are caught up with a retreating current. As acknowledged earlier, these retreating currents develop as a result of breaking waves. Great Lakes have a lot of structures like piers and walls which can initiate currents. Actual Status of the Lakes Lake Michigan Of all the Great Lakes in the state Lake Michigan features as the leading cause of fatalities associated with dangerous currents each year. One reason for this notorious trend is because Lake Michigan is undergoing an infrastructural development period. These infrastructural breakthroughs are increasing the Lake’s popularity among domestic and international tourists. Apart from the significant tourists’ population, Lake Michigan also has unique beaches with pre-disposing factors which favor

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