Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wireless networks technology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

radio receiver networks applied science - Assignment ExampleNowadays we squeeze out see the huge number of applications of the wireless networking in almost every walk of life and business. thither are numerous applications of wireless networking. Through the wireless networking technology the office or home base working becomes easier. We have obtained new facilities regarding the domestic life and place of working in a business, for shell, straight it has become easier to have the facility of the data and information sharing, impressers, files, and Internet access among entire structure of the com come iners network. For instance someone has a printer at home and he wants to print a file through with(predicate) the laptop. In this scenario there is no need to link the laptop with the printer. Simply, he has to give the command of print and wirelessly linked printer will print the document (Swan). The fundamental advantage of the wireless technology is the excretory product and mobility of unsightly cables. Here we have another main advantage in maintaining the network structure. We need to put less effort to establish and configure the piano tuner networks. A more significant aspect of this Wireless networks technology is less costly establishment of network structure.In case of LAN the main disadvantage of the Wireless networks technology is about the limited coverage of the Wireless networks architecture in a working structure. another(prenominal) main disadvantage of this technology is about the less feasible potential for the wireless radio technology interference in case of bad weather. S

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