Thursday, May 30, 2019

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LemonheadNobody knows why Ethan had an enormous lemon shaped head. It was a major debilitating factor in his life that prevented him from doing legion(predicate) activities. He couldnt wear a football helmet or hats. Ethan couldnt even play in the play places at McDonalds because his head wouldnt assure through the tubes. Ethan wasnt born with a lemon shaped head he just kind of slowly grew into it. When he was seven it was only or so the size of a watermelon and was just starting to take the shape of a lemon. By the time Ethan hit middle school his head was close a foot and a half wide and two feet tall.Many people would ask Ethan why he had such a large head. His responses oer the years to questions about his head differ. When he was ten he would cry and run away, but when he was fourteen he would respond with witty sarcasm. A girl named Whitney once asked wowwhy is your head so big and he responded with why is your nose so big, I guess god hates me and you If Ethan was in a r eally bad mood he would just simply give them the finger and say why do you ask dumb questions. virtually people revered Ethan for his comicalness and for his personality but others called him lemon head or big head and made fun of his large head. Ethan never took too a lot offense to the teasing though he figured they were just ignorant. After all Ethan was not short of friends he had plenty.Ethan was the kindest hearted and most outgoing person youd ever meet and he rarely ever hated life. He didnt let the size of his head affect his life in a negative way. In fact Ethan rarely cared what his head looked like. But he began to care when Daria moved into the house next door.Daria was the new girl in townsfolk and Ethan noticed her as soon as she stepped out of the moving van that brought her here. She was stunningly beautiful she had brown hair that flowed around her as if it was always in a breeze. She had the most gorgeous blue eyes and had creamy light brown skin that could ma ke any heart melt. She was perfect in all(prenominal) aspect in Ethans eyes. As soon as Ethan could gather up enough courage he went next door to talk to her.

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