Monday, July 22, 2019

Why I Want to Transfer to John Hopkins University Essay Example for Free

Why I Want to Transfer to John Hopkins University Essay My personal goals coincide with that of John Hopkins University—the focus on research and advancement of scholars. This kind of focus is something akin to my own passions, my involvements, and my interests in pursuing science and research. In addition to this, the University is really keen in ensuring that its students and its research are doing excellently. I arrived at my decision to transfer to John Hopkins based on several things. I have come across the testimonies of friends, as well as other colleagues regarding the promotion of excellence at John Hopkins. I also wanted to know for sure and that is why I conducted a research regarding the legacy of John Hopkins. I am amazed at the diversity of points of view and excellence in scholarship at the University. The University has been at the forefronts of the development in health sciences. For me, such a University challenges its students to give their best in meeting the standards and needs of the university. In keeping with the high standards of the University, I was also drawn to the names currently serving as faculty of the John Hopkins and their capabilities and leadership in their fields add greater momentum to the edge of the University in the field. It is a challenging environment, surely, but such challenge is necessary for the University to produce top quality graduates and practitioners in various fields. As for me, I want to belong to an institution with a proven track record and excellence in training its training for service in the broader society. I foresee that my will, my skills, and my capabilities will be put to the test, but my dedication to my chosen field will see me through.

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